Why O'Hare Direct | Better Feeder Network | Stronger Finances | More Robust Intermodal Hub

Collectively, elected officials are advocating for a high-speed rail network to link the entire Midwest that would put 43 million people within 3 hours of O'Hare.

Air travel has never been an attractive choice in the short-haul market. The time and expense of traveling to and from an airport cause most people to drive between cities served by short-haul air routes. For example, an analysis conducted by ReConnecting America suggests that only 20% of travelers fly between Chicago and St. Louis, even with the existence of Southwest Airlines.

In smaller cities throughout the region, infrequent, expensive and undependable air service contributes to much lower market shares. It is not unheard of for executives in cities like Springfield, IL to hire a limo to O'Hare rather than risk missing a connection due to a canceled feeder flight.

The challenge at O'Hare is to find a way to attract residents of these smaller communities to high-volume international flights while the number of feeder flights continues to decline.

Fast trains linking O'Hare to cities and towns throughout the Midwest can fill that gap.